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My Life Without Gender

The Guardian Weekend, 2015

Burberry Fashion Editorial

them., 2017

My Opening Remarks From New York Youth Pride 2018

Teen Vogue, 2018

Summer Crossing: Vignettes

Rookie, 2015

Hell No to the Memo: Trans People Continue to Rally for Our Human Rights

them., 2018

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The Holidays Are Here! And You Know What That Means…, November 2018

Menswear-Inspired Womenswear for All Genders: Backstage at Monse’s NYFW Show, September 2018

An Interview With Jacob Tobia On Their Coming-of-Gender Memoir, Sissy, August 2018

In a Terrifying World, Pride Reminds Us of the Strength of Queer Community, June 2018

This Nonbinary Actor on Rise Is Calling for More Trans Representation in Media, May 2018

Black LGBTQ+ People Talk to Their Families About Coming Out, April 2018

How Queer Sex Grounds Me in My Body, January 2018

Connor Franta Has a Lot of Feelings and TBH... Same, January 2018

Them & Theirs: A Roundtable on Queer Visibility, December 2017

These Earrings Know No Gender, and Neither Do We, November 2017

Them & Theirs: A Roundtable on Asexuality, October 2017

This Video Game Combats Anti-LGBTQ+ Bullying In Schools, October 2017

Teen Vogue:

One of the NYC Pride Grand Marshals Has an Inspiring Message for Nonbinary Folx, June 2018

Tyler Ford's Period Diary Takes You Inside Their Cycle, May 2017


I Am Not Yours, October 2016

PrideLife Magazine:

My Words, June 2016

The Guardian:

My Life Without Gender, Guardian Weekend, August 2015

Everyone Is Gay:

I Do Not Need Gender, December 2015

V Magazine:

The Best Cause, September 2015


What It Means To Be Me, September 2015

What I Wanted To Wear: Madison Square Garden Edition, September 2015

What I Wanted To Wear: Wandering Through Midtown, September 2015

What I Wanted To Wear: Karaoke Edition, September 2015

Poetry Magazine:

Too Much, July/August 2015


Navigating Fashion When You're Agender, July 2015


Learning About Asexuality Helped Me Become Comfortable In My Own Skin, October 2015

Do I Have A Penis Or A Vagina?, August 2015

I'm Agender - How Do I Deal With The Haters?, July 2015

My Friend Is Queer And I'm Not - How Can We Stay Close?, July 2015

Is It Ok To Out Someone As Transgender If They're Not Around?, June 2015

I Was A Celeb, Guest And Interviewer At Logo's Trailblazer Honors, June 2015

How Do You Know You're Asexual If You've Never Had Sex?, June 2015 

How Can I Help My Friend Through Their Transition? Tyler Ford Breaks It Down, June 2015

Tyler Ford Is Here To Answer Your LGBTQA Questions, June 2015

I Am A Queer, Agender Person of Color In New York - And This Is My Diary, May 2015

The New York Times:

Poetry Pairing: ‘Too Much’, March 2016

Dissonance (as part of the Transgender Today Series), May 2015


Summer Crossing, July 2015

How to Talk to Your Parents About Transitioning, April 2015 (as seen in Rookie Yearbook Four)

Flying Solo, November 2014

Dreams Come True, August 2014

I Will Paint the Sky, July 2014

Neither/Both, April 2014 (as seen in Rookie Yearbook Three)

Things Left Unsaid, October 2013

The Gray Cloud of Success, September 2013

Summer Camp, June 2013 (as seen in Rookie Yearbook Three)

Lights, Camera, Action, May 2013

Out From Under the Influence, April 2013

Will Be Boys, March 2013 (as seen in Rookie Yearbook Two)

Dedicated to the One I Love, February 2013

Getting It Straight, January 2013

My Kind of Guy, January 2013 (as seen in Rookie Yearbook Two)