In addition to writing, editing, and performing, Tyler Ford examines trans identity, queer culture, and popular media through various speaking engagements, keynotes, panels, workshops, and readings. They inspire audiences to think critically about their own lives, experiences, and truths in order to facilitate better understandings of ourselves, our world, and each other. Through their work, Tyler explores the possibilities and potentialities of who we can be when we create space for our full selves: complexities, contradictions, confusions, and confidence.

Book Tyler to speak on:

-Transgender and Nonbinary Issues and Identities

-Trans 101 & How To Be A Better Ally

-Looking Beyond & Breaking Down the Gender Binary

-Navigating Personal Identities 

-Trans and Queer Identities, Experiences, & Media


Introducing Award of Inspiration recipient Miley Cyrus at the 2015 amfAR Inspiration Gala

Previous & Upcoming Appearances Include:

2018 Provincetown Family Week, 2018 Pride March NYC, 2018 NYC Youth Pride, 2018 Stonewall Rally NYC, 2017 & 2018 Teen Vogue Summit, amfAR Inspiration Gala 2015, Access HollywoodFirst Person PBS, MTV 2015 VMAs, Chicago Ideas Week 2015, Opening for DarkMatterColumbia Law School, James Madison University, Kenyon College, SXSW 2016, Columbia University, The College Of New Jersey, Stadtkuratorin Hamburg: International Festival on Feminism, The Future Is Now/Gender Is Over - The William Vale, Matter Studios Presents: Total Power Move, University of Missouri, Pratt Institute, & Sacred Heart University

I do not identify as you do, but you’ve definitely guided me to myself and who I am. Thank you so much for being an inspiration.
— Cecily, JMU Student
I was in tears the whole time because I felt every emotion that Tyler was feeling.
— Moe, JMU Student